Atelier Jan J Halewijn respects your privacy and the personal information you give us in accordance with regulations and is therefore very detailed.

We use the data to process the order as quickly as possible. If we use the data for other purposes, we always ask your permission first.

Third Party

We never sell your information to third parties and will never make it available to third parties involved in processing your order.

We may use your information to keep you informed of the progress of your order.

To make practicing as pleasant as possible, we store with your consent your personal information and the data relating to your order. If you subscribe to our customer newsletter, we use your email address to inform you about our product range, including assortment renewals and special offers, promotions and events within Atelier Jan J Halewijn. Atelier Jan J Halewijn stores your data in cases: When you place an order, Atelier Jan J Halewijn keeps the data requested for this (read above) for a period of 5 years. We do this because we use Atelier Jan J Halewijn products that have a long lifespan. We want to be able to offer our customers as many of these future services as possible. Please email Then Information that must be kept for example for the tax authorities (order and invoice data) we will maintain according to the current legislation. We can imagine that you still have questions about this. In that case, please send an e-mail to